Monday, September 13, 2010

He Said, She Said, They Said... And Nothing Gets Done **UPDATED**

House minority leader, John Boehner, desparately wants to be House MAJORITY leader, and with the way this country votes (without thinking, against its best interest, by watching commercials) it is possible. Several weeks ago Mr. Boehner was found to be screaming about the President's FAILED economic plans. He also seemed to think that if allowed the GOP could cut spending, reduce the debt and, maybe, pull a rabbit out of a hat. A dead rabbit, of course, for dinner.

I have debated for over a week about whether to mention this, just because I hate to even acknowledge the GOP's shyte, but, again, our country is at stake. Our future and the future of our future generations.

The Bush years were long, tortorous and illegal, but they are now in the past. Do I believe that W is solely responsible for the crap we find ourselves in now? No. One man can not cause this economic crisis, although he certainly did nothing to attempt to stop it. Housing bubble? Increasing debt? Immoral war? What? Dipshit.

The economy is cyclical. W pushed it in this direction, but it was already headed that way. President Obama is attempting to turn the Titanic. It does not happen quickly. It may not (has not) happen before there is some damage to the ship. BUT IT WILL TURN. Unless the Captain is shoved overboard and another monkey (or worse, a pitbull with lipstick) is given the wheel.

In a recent assignment for class one of the questions was to explain what I saw as the current threat(s) to democracy. While it took me an entire paragraph and an antidote about a friend who has a PhD in research psychology, my answer could have been written in one word. Stupid.

While I believe that George and Ben and James and Thomas and the others (aka The Founding Fathers) were amazing, intelligent men who created a masterpiece, I don't like having their thoughts thrown in my face, because they had no regard for me. Still, I think they did get one thing correct that they are never given credit for. They knew the average person was a moron. That is why they set up the system so that only those who were paying attention were allowed to vote.

Of course those were the same people who are members of the GOP today, so maybe that wasn't such a hot idea.

Boehner may compromise! Shhhh, don't tell or he will change his mind!

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