Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Couch to 5K aka I Quit Smoking and Gained A Lot of Weight

I have always been that girl who was secretly hated by all of her friends. Of course I felt that I was fat in high school, but I wasn't. Through marriage and childbirth, my weight fluctuated, but when the numbers started climbing, I just made a conscious effort to walk a little more and eat a little less and voila! gone. I know, you can hate me too.

In 2004 I looked at the scale and realized that I had not been paying attention and the number was much higher than should ever be allowed. Plus my 20th high school reunion would be arriving and I needed to look good. So I joined an online weightloss group and lost 20 pounds and I did look good for my reunion!

2007 arrives and wedding plans are ongoing. And my weight had creeped back up some. With everyone going on, it is a wonder I managed any weightloss at all, but I did lose about 10 pounds.

2009. What I feel was an incorrect diagnosis of Lupus still spurred me into stepping away from the smokes. No more. Done. Fini. 14 months ago today. YAY! And the weight gain started. I joined a gym; I started a garden; I am trying to eat healthier. But I LOVE to eat. I have always LOVED to eat. A LOT.

My last posted picture was taken Jun 26th and it is a very good picture considering what I actually weighed. And I have gained 7 or 8 pounds since then. In less than 3 months!

Did I mention that I LOVE to eat??

So, yesterday, I stopped at a lovely place across the street and was fitted for running shoes. Because that stupid stationary bike is not working. And I downloaded the C25K App for my Droid. And I put on the shoes and put in my earplugs and AWAAAAY I went. And I thought I was going to DIE! I did not even make it through all of the running phases.

But I started and that is the first step.

And I will try again tonight.

So any great words of wisdom about running would be greatly appreciated. And any great, natural, low-fat, low-cal recipes would be appreciated also. Especially those that taste like French Fries, or baked pototoes. Because I love me some carbs!


fallenmonk said...

I used to run about 5 miles a day 5 days a week but the old knees gave out. Try to avoid running on concrete even asphalt is better but a dirt track or path is best.

As to food. A baked potato(hold the sour cream and butter) is really not that bad but a better choice is a baked sweet potato at about half the calories and a good source of fiber. It makes a pretty good fry too. The biggest key is to try and cook with fresh veges and serve plates with a proper portion and not family style. It is too easy to go for seconds when there is a big bowl on the table.

Pete Bogs said...

I love carbs, too! And cheeeese!

Keep up the no-smoking thing. We're all rooting for you.