Wednesday, September 22, 2010

If You Vote Republican...

If you don't read the 'blog Margaret and Helen, please start now. This 'blog was started by a young man so that his grandmother could keep in touch with her best friend. Helen started writing little notes to Margaret, who sometimes writes back and sometimes does not and someone spotted this little 'blog and word spread and the 2008 election season kicked off and Helen kicked it into high gear. What a treasure these two beautiful, intelligent, wonderful women are. I wish others were as smart as they are.

I am completely copying and pasting from a post that was published on Sept 9th.

If you vote Republican today, what exactly are you voting
for? It’s certainly not smaller government. If you vote Republican
today you are telling “Pastor” Terry Jones that fifty religious
fanatics are more important than any chance for world peace. You are
telling Sarah Palin that when it comes to the presidency
- pretty is more important than smart. You are telling Glenn Beck
that honesty isn’t really necessary if you have your own cable news show on
Fox. You are telling Michele Bachmann that hearing voices in your
head isn’t cause for alarm. Hell, if you vote Republican today you might
as well just shove a few more dollars in Rush Limbaugh’s pockets and a few more
pills in his mouth. It’s all very entertaining, I’ll give you that.
But considering what they did when we gave them the keys to the car the last
time, are you really ready to put them behind the wheel again so soon? I’m
just not sure there are that many more countries we can bomb, world religions we
can vilify and oil wells we can drill before the rest of the world calls us on
our bullshit.

Read what they write. Share it with your friends. Spread the word. These women are wonderful. I wonder if Helen would run for... something.

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