Tuesday, September 21, 2010

"The Lost Symbol" by Dan Brown

I read the book back in December, because DSD had gotten it for me for Christmas. I enjoyed it. It is a typical Dan Brown book, along the same lines as "Angels and Demons" and "The DaVinci Code," except this one was set in the U.S. DSD thought he wanted to read it, but he would rather watch TV, so the book sat on the end table for months. When we realized that his daughter would be getting married, he mentioned buying "The Lost Symbol" on cd for the trip.*

Ask anyone who knows me; the way to get me to spend money is to mention buying a book. Even a book on CD. For a book I had already read.

So we set off for Nashville and we listened to the CD, but we couldn't every minute of the trip. There were discussions about breakfast and lunch and his son would rise from what appeared to be the dead every once in a while to chat. So the 16 hour trip was never going to get us through the entire 17 1/2 hours of the story, but we only managed 9 out of 15 CDs.

Flash forward to today, when I was discussing our upcoming trip to Gainesville (Woo Hoo! Go Gators!) with the doctor friend that is going with us. We have over three weeks, so Doug suggested he listen to the CDs up to where we are and we can all listen to the rest on our trip. I happen to know this particular gentleman listens to books all the time. He thought it was a great idea.. until I mentioned it was Dan Brown.

Of course the same Dan Brown who told evil tales about Jesus. I asked him if he had read "The DaVinci Code" and he said he didn't have to.. he had read the Bible. How do I get myself into messes like these??!?!

*And I bet I would LOVE to listen to a book on CD if I was driving. But I am not driving, so I would rather read my Kindle.

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