Tuesday, January 22, 2008

My Body, My Choice.

I just wanted to take a brief (hopefully VERY brief) moment to reflect on the fact that today is the 35th Anniversary of the day that Roe v Wade was signed into law. I was almost 6 then, so I have grown up with the knowledge that there would be safe, legal abortions if I should ever need one. We have had almost two generations born since that day in 1973 who have never felt completely trapped by an unwanted pregnancy.

I have had one pregnancy and one live birth in my lifetime. I have never been forced to make a decision that included abortion as an option. I can only imagine the stress, horror and heartbreak that must go into a decision like that, no matter what is the decision is in the end.* I have no idea how a woman would feel if that were her only option. I have no idea how a woman would feel if that option were not available.

So, I raise my glass (figuratively) to the brave ones. The lawyers who fought for Roe, the Supreme Court Justices who voted for it, Ms Roe herself (although she has since recanted and wished she had never gone through with the case), the women who felt they had no choice but to have abortions, the women who were brave enough to have their babies and give them up for adoption and the Moms. We have each made our choice. It is a wonderful thing to have that freedom.

* I can acknowledge that there are some who use abortion as birth control and be disgusted by that and still appreciate the freedom that allows them to make that choice.

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