Wednesday, April 11, 2007

More good news

Well if it ain't one thing it is a dozen others. I seem to be having a whiny 'why me' month. It was Pap time again. Always something to look forward to in a woman's life. I had a couple of back to back bad Paps several years ago, so I am really obsessive about having mine done every year. I actually went 14 months in between this time which is a looooong time for me.

So, the Pap went well. The doctor remarked that he could easily remove the three moles that I have on my right breast. He has made this remark every year for the past 4, so this year I beat him to it and already have an appointment to have that done next week. Then he moved to the left breast and SURPRISE, a lump. Ok, a cyst, but what is a cyst except for a really small lump? I knew that a mammogram would have to be scheduled shortly, since I am facing the big four-oh, but hey, I get it a few weeks early 'for cause'. Great. Fine. Wonderful. I am sure it is nothing... except it really may be and then what? Cancer is something that no one likes to think about, so should I just ignore it and hope it is nothing? There is absolutely zero breast cancer on either side of my family.. isn't this stuff supposed to be hereditary?

Super and I still have to call my Mom and tell her. She is a worry wart of the worst sort. At least they could get me in quickly and I should have the results by the time I go in for the mole removal next week. A week. Seven days.

Nothing to worry about, right?

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