Tuesday, July 3, 2012

A New Work Computer!

I have always done most of my postings from work. I think about them off and on for the morning and write them up at lunch... or before if it is really important. I get my work done, so it has never been an issue.

So part of the reason that my blogging has slacked off over the last couple of years is that as technology advanced my computer system at work did not. Yes, I am still on Internet Explorer 7.0. Is that crazy or what? At home I use Google Chrome, but before I switched to that I was on IE 9.

So I have a lot of difficulty making comments on the posts of others even when I do visit them. I can't even see the entire posting menu (yesterday's linkage was a lot of guesswork) and I wouldn't mind a "New Blogger Look" but there is no way to figure out how to do that.

But tonight, while I sleep and dream this piece o' crap (it's not really, but it seems like it) will disappear and on Thursday when I return to work a brand new machine will be in place!

Hopefully it allows me to 'blog more, comment more, and, you know, work more efficiently!


Mr. Charleston said...

Hopefully your new rig won't be one of those with Big Brother restricted internet access.

LeftLeaningLady said...

It is funny because we do have some of that. For a while no YouTube or other sites. And anything with 'game' in the name or anything pornographic is restricted. But we are allowed Facebook and Blogger, so life is good when I have a few free minutes.