Wednesday, July 18, 2012

And The Bullshit Kept Rolling!

That stupid sheriff in Arizona held a press conference yesterday and it is available to watch on the web. Someone linked to it on Facebook. I did not watch it and I am not going to link to it here. Sorry folks, the guy is crazy and the publicity is not helping and do not tell me that he is doing all of this investigating on his own damned time. Tax dollars are being wasted, but that is different, of course, and more important than spending them on health or education, just as it has always been more important to fund wars and not humanitarian aid.

I am so sick of it already and the closer we get to November the uglier it is going to get.

#The Birther Movement is a live and well, although the courts are battling against it from what I have seen.

#Allen West (yay! Florida) is allowed to stand up in public and claim that over 80 House Democrats are COMMUNISTS and his fund raising efforts are through the roof!

#Rush Limbaugh is allowed to make fun at the President's Ivy League (read - progressive) education and  no one dares correct him and remind him that all of the Bush boys and Mitt Romney were educated by Ivy League colleges.

#Facts are debated as 'theory' and trying to discuss anything that is based in fact receives as much commentary as the proverbial cricket.

I am reading "The Crucial Decade - American 1945 - 1955" at the moment. A friend recommended it many months ago and I have not taken the time to read it before now. It is very interesting and it is allowing me to brush back up on some of my history classes, but what I am getting out of it is that the right has won. We have returned to the lovely hallowed ground of the early '50s - before African-Americans and women had rights - before Vietnam - before the horrors of the growing debt crisis - because on almost every single page I can hear Rush, Allen West, John Boehner (why may actually be Robert Taft reincarnated). But most Americans (and certainly none on the right) are going to read this book. Most Americans are going to watch Fox News, listen to Rush, and google Sheriff Dipshit of Arizona for their entertainment.

I tried to figure out how to move to Australia, but they have no interest in my degree in American Politics.

I wonder if Canada would take me?


jadedj said...

Of note is the observation that Sheriff bigoted Asswipe makes this latest attack just days before a civil suit in which his office is accused of racially profiling Latinos. This of course is a precursor to the U.S. Justice Department's lawsuit citing a range of civil rights violations against him, or rather his office. Pretty transparent to me, but obviously not so much to the nimrods of the right.

Steven said...

Don't give up. There's a good chance that Romney will get tripped up on those darn tax documents. And Obama is hitting his hot buttons every day; making Mitt angry. And when he's angry or befuddled (his normal state) he tends to make big mistakes...

LeftLeaningLady said...

Thanks JadedJ - I will admit that I just keep bypassing anything that has him in it. I did know they were being looked at for profiling, but did not realize it was coming to a head!

I do believe that this President will have a second term. I have to or lose my mind! That isn't the reason I want to move, it's the people in the office next door! But thank you for the kind words!