Friday, July 20, 2012

A Most Depressing Friday

BabyBoy was, of course, at the midnight premiere last night of "The Dark Knight Rises." He is a huge Batman/Dark Knight/Nightwing fan. Probably my fault for allowing his obsession to grow at age 4 and ensuring he had all of the latest toys. And the sheets, comforter, and curtains. He is now 23 and has different ones, but still sleeps on Batman sheets and has a Batman blanky. And my heart hurts for those others, half a continent away, who were probably just like him - counting down the days until the release of this movie, dressed up in costume to attend, talking about it for the last 6 month - who are now gone. Whose obsession has been cut down just like their lives.

What the fuck?

Is there anything to be said that has not? Anything that was not said after the rash of school shootings in the 90s? Anything that was not said after Ms. Gabrielle Giffords was shot in the head and others surrounding her killed?

How does some kid in his early 20s have possession of an AK47?

AN AK47!

I am certain that representatives of the NRA are Aurora bound already. I am certain that someone will speak eloquently about the 2nd Amendment and the nation's right to bear arms. When does someone speak eloquently of the nation's right to attend a freaking movie in the middle of the night and come home safe? When does someone speak about a parent's right to take or allow their child to attend a movie and know that the child will leave the theater alive?

I fear drunk drives, or BabyBoy falling asleep at the wheel at 3 am (he was less than 5 miles from the house), or, CHRIST, an earthquake - really. Who imagines your child, spouse, sibling, parent being shot while watching a movie?

A friend from my hometown lives in Aurora, CO. Her 17 year old daughter did not attend last night's premiere, although I am not certain why not, because she had tickets.

Her friends attended though. And all survived. So far.

Must we fight gunfire with gunfire? Are we destined to return to the violent time when everyone was armed? Because I am considering buying a nice little pink handled gun and applying for a concealed weapons permit. ME! And I am anti-gun! I am PRO GUN CONTROL.

But I am also sick of the senseless violence.


fallenmonk said...

There is a reason these things are called senseless. You try and find some rational explanation but there are none. Thank goodness your friends child is ok and her friends too. There are already GOP whacks saying that if more people had guns and one had been in the theater that they could have prevented this slaughter...right no one gets hurt in the crossfire in a dark theater.
Such a shame.

LeftLeaningLady said...

The GOP and those I know. One of my MDs declared that he would be watching the movie this weekend while armed. In case of copycats.

It is such a horrible thing. Yet no one else seems to recognize that.