Monday, July 2, 2012

A Facebook Discussion - Retold

Early yesterday (Sunday 1 July 2012) morning the lovely Lola had to GO! We normally get up anywhere from 5:30 - 6:30 am during the week, but she is good about letting me sleep later on the weekends. DSD worked late on Saturday night, so I waited up for him and was late getting to bed and I was not ready to be awake at 8. But I had no choice. I took her out, got her breakfast, and settled in to see what exciting stuff had happened during the night with all 347 of my 'friends.' (I have no idea how I ended up with that many friends - it makes me nuts!)

Immediately I was informed that the USDA was promoting 'Food Stamp Parties' to get the entire United States of America into the Food Stamp program to ensure our continued dive into that horror known as socialism. With no preceding comment, my friend Gigi, posted this link. It's another 'blog. Someone's opinion about how we are all going to die. I Googled "food stamp party" and found links only to other 'blogs and, that lovely bastion of bullshit, Fox.

I asked how and why this lovely 'blog was shared with no corresponding links to the allegedly pamphlet about these parties and I was informed that THIS WAS ON THE NEWS. Want to guess which channel? Because none of the mainstream media was carrying it. I could not even find it on Heritage, as much as I hate even looking there.

I did go to the USDA site and discovered that there is a program in place to encourage the elderly to see if they qualify for food stamps. Florida's pilot program? Began in 2002. Of course while W was in office and during the time he was telling us to shop and don't worry about all those children he was planning to murder in that little place in the Middle East called Iraq. And his little brother was governor of my beloved state. Damn radicals! I provided the link for her, but she suddenly became busy with the new grandbaby. But first she provided me with a link to Fox (I have it if you want to see it) about a new radio commercial ENCOURAGING PEOPLE TO LOOK INTO FOODSTAMPS.

I could not find any other links to this so I did watch the YouTube Fox provided. Of course YouTube is visual, so Fox so kindly added some visual to the nice lady talking about how she was feeling so much better now that she was eating nutritionally sound meals - and I cannot make myself watch it again to tell you about the visuals, but I think they were perfectly healthy Americans taking advantage of the system. You know, instead of people like my aunt who worked hard her entire life, raising 4 children on her own for years (she left the bastard who fathered said children after discovering he was a child molester!), who was struck with a debilitating eye disease in her mid-30s and has been on social security disability for almost 30 years. She is not on food stamps. She has her pride, you know! (She also has my parents who take her half of everything they grow in their garden).

My aunt would be better off if she was receiving food stamps. (I am not begrudging her anything my parents do for her, she is a wonderful lady, but I am concerned about the stress of it killing my mother!) 

Many elderly and disabled people would be better off receiving the tiny bit for food provided by the state.

But this, my friends, is something that must be avoided at all costs! Stop letting the government interfere in our lives! LET'S TAKE A STAND AND KICK OBAMA OUT OF THE WHITE HOUSE.

The uninsurable with insurance. The elderly and disabled with food. Women being allowed to make their own medical decisions and receive equal pay for equal work. When will it end?

When they put a Republican back in the White House.

I'm sad about the stupidity that is rampant. I'm sad about the hate that is everywhere.


Steven said...

This AM I was reading the local 'Red State Rag' and in the letters to the editor was a piece about the 'fact' that in the $100 billion farm bill there was a budget item for $80 billion just for Food Stamps.

I shook my head and noted that, once again, the editor did not put in a correction note so that readers might know that those figures were WRONG! Instead, those numbers will be repeated all over town...and declared to be the truth because they read it in the newspaper!

LeftLeaningLady said...

A good reason for me to stay away from the local paper. Around here we now have a "Squall Line" and anyone can just call in and leave a voice rant about anything at all. It makes my head want to explode!

Ahab said...

Ugh. People need to do their research and think things through!