Friday, July 6, 2012

Just For the White Folk

Two days ago we celebrated the 236th birthday of America. Of that fateful day when colonists became rebels and staged a full blown war for freedom. Yes, freedom of white men ONLY, but somewhere in my mind things were getting better. Slavery has been abolished for years. The Civil Rights Act of 1964 was passed. There is a man in the White House who is not white. Shouldn't we be further along than THIS?

In Guin, AL a church put out flyers inviting all "White" Christians to the celebration of our nation's birth. KKK membership NOT required (although it's OK if you have one). And when things are all said and done?  "Sacred Christian Cross Lighting Ceremony"

But they aren't burning a cross, you understand, they are just.... well... BURNING A FRIGGING CROSS.

Many of the residents of Guin (according to the story) are appalled and many of the commenters are also, yet I bet sometime tonight (celebration started Wednesday and concludes today with that, yes, cross burning) many will gather in the name of the Great White Hope or some such nonsense.

I am seriously sickened by this nonsense.


jadedj said...

And nonsense it is. According to them, white men are God's chosen people (what the hell happened to the Israelites in the Old Testament?).

There is no accounting for the dumb and dumber who in this bigoted case are the only ones who have declared themselves as such. God has nothing to do with this BS.

God save me from bubba "Christians"!

LeftLeaningLady said...

Yes, whites are 'chosen' by God? Whose crucified son was not white?

Stupid seems to be winning!

Steven said...

Disgusting...reminds me of the time I decided to take a short tour of Alabama. I was working over the weekend at our Rome, GA office and needed a break. I soon was lost on Booger Hollow Road, somewhere near Swamp Hollow. (True names...cross my heart) As I was going down this rural road I passed a large shack over in the trees. On the front porch was draped the Stars and Bars and some of the most malevolent people I had ever seen were staring directly at me and my obvious rental car. I left quickly and have never had any inclination to visit Alabama again. I could be wrong but I'll trust my intuition on this one...

Ahab said...

Ugh ... THIS racist nonsense is their idea of being Christlike? Epic fail.

LeftLeaningLady said...

Alabama doesn't suck - if you stay on the main roads. I've been lost in the backwoods before and it is scary.