Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Too Much To Do!

What a week! What a month!

I don't know about you, but I am tired. And I am not sure I am ever going to get caught up.

Henry and the LittleMan are GONE. Safe and sound in California. LittleMan may be back for Christmas (who knows, his mother changes her story from minute to minute) but Henry should never, ever be back in the state of Florida. I am eternally grateful for that and Lola does not seem to be lonely as DSD said she would.

Claudette was a big fat nothing. I guess there were those who panicked over the impending doom that she was bringing, but, honestly, she cooled things off nicely and filled up the pool. I didn't notice a lot of thunder or lightning or even much more than a brisk breeze. I had to work yesterday, the storm was a bust.

I am back in school. On line classes at Troy University where I will eventually receive my Bachelor's Degree in Political Science. I am taking 7 credit hours, which didn't sound like much until it hit me that these classes are given in terms, not semesters. I will not be taking these 7 hours for 16 weeks, but for 9. NINE. Which pretty much means if I have a free minute, it is spent reading or writing something for class.

I am not abandoning this blog. I am not even really taking a break, at least not one I have control over. I will be around. I will post when I can. I will do my best to pop in on your blogs as often as possible. But it won't be as often as it has been. :-(

Until Christmas break, then I will have some free time.


D said...

My Early American Lit class starts up this weekend... online. I only do one class at a time. However, I'm transferring after this class and I'll have either 16 weeks or 8 weeks per class. I don't know how you can do 7 credits. You're a better person than I.

Btw, I'm a Political Science major as well. Good luck with your semester!

LeftLeaningLady said...

D, I want to be FINISHED, which is part of the reason I am taking 7 credits. The other part is my GI Benefits expire next July and I want every dime I can get out of it.

Pete Bogs said...

Hey LLL! Glad the storm gave you a miss. Interested to hear about you earning your degree online; my day job is as a copywriter for the marketing department of an online education provider. Don't think our schools offer Poli Sci, though.

Well, I could keep my silence no longer on the health care debate. Hence, I have a 1000-word(!) post over on my blog. If you get a spare day or two...

Take care! :-)

Carl (aka Sofarsogoo) said...

Good to see you back, Lady. I hope your school schedule added to the demands of your job don't take too much out of you. But I know you have it all covered.

Both Claudette and Bill fizzled, but there's still time for something yet. For one thing South Texas urgently needs to have something to come their way.

two crows said...

hey LLL--
condolences on your school schedule.
it's been a long, long time but I do remember how every professor was absolutely sure that her/his class was the ONLY ONE every one of the students was taking.

sooooo glad those days are behind me!

good luck with your 7. that's a lot to cover in only 9 weeks.

D said...

I can understand that. I have three years left on mine. Still, better you than me on the seven credits. I just saw my syllabus for my lit. class and a piece of dropped a load.

LeftLeaningLady said...

Thank you to everyone for coming by. I only have one professor who believes I am supposed to spend 40 hours a week doing his class work. The others (so far) are easy assignments or just reading.

Unfortunately I have tickets to the Troy @ UF game on 12 Sept and that is mid-term week! But I will figure it out.

I hope!

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