Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Maybe This Will Spur the Right Wing

This is a tragedy. A family torn apart by disease. I watched the video twice, but still couldn't hear the name of the disease causing this poor child's suffering, and that of her family and friends. She is obviously very ill, unable to walk. It appears that she can not speak or sit without help. It does not appear that she is being kept alive by artificial means, just public assistance.

I have no problem with public assistance helping out this child, this family. Situations like this are exactly why we have medicaid and welfare in this country. Situations like this and so, so many others. But I am hoping, since this child is barely more than a vegetable, barely more than a mass of cells with a beating heart, the right wingers will be able to realize that healthcare reform will help her. It will help those like her, like Terri Schiavo, who are in permanently debilitated states.

Since, obviously, the Rushpublican party can only help those who have no brain power or thought processes of their own.

Send your love, your thoughts, your prayers, whatever you have or believe to this family. They need all the warm thoughts they can get.

But write your Congressman. We can't let the crazies control this country any longer.


two crows said...

oh, no no no no no, LLL---
the parents must keep her alive. they must work until they have no spirit left. they must do it all. alone.
now,if she goes on a resuscitator, THEN maybe we can pay a little something to keep her alive. but, till then-- forget it.

we must not spend money to help these people who need it so desperately. if we did that, where do you think we'd get the money for the war with N. Korea? huh? did you ever think of that?

I thought not. get your freakin priorities straight, woman!

LeftLeaningLady said...

ROFL. Thank you tc, you are so right. How can I possibly believe that some kid breathing on her own could be important?

Of course I can laugh, it isn't my life.