Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Not Around Much This Week

I am around, just not on the computer much. I am having what is affectionately called a staycation. This is where you take your vacation time, but don't actually leave town. I think staycationers are supposed to do day trips to the beach or museum or something in their local area to relax and save money at the same time, but I took the time off to get things around the house completed that I never seem to have time to do. Like clean out my closet and my filing cabinet.

Plus I have not taken more than a couple of days off in the 20 months since the weddding and I am tired!

Of course, I was planning to spend a portion of each day in the pool, and, wouldn't you know it? It finally rains! We need the rain, because we received almost none in June, but

Oh, well. I am actually at work right this minute. Yesterday was a deadline and I had to come in to see if anyone made it and clean out my emails and voicemails, but I am leaving shortly.

I hope your week is going well.

1 comment:

two crows said...

happy staycation. you've earned it.

now, what the hell are you doing at work??? go home, dammit! or go to a museum or swimming or something.