Friday, July 3, 2009

I Wish This Was Good-bye!

Sarah Palin is stepping down on July 26th as Governor of Alaska. Why? Why knows?

I was thrilled when I first heard this; I thought that maybe she had realized that she was way out her league and over her head and that she would serve Alaska, this country, and the world better if she returned to car pooling and hockey momming and putting lipstick on her pit bull. Alas, I am probably wrong.

Most likely she is stepping down to stick her nose into the rest of the business of the country and possibly get more coverage for her 2012 campaign.

Hey, more power and press coverage to her, I say. The more she appears publicly; the more stupid she appears.

And, part of me felt sorry for the people of Alaska, but the other part was, "You were stupid enough to elect her, you deserve what you get."


two crows said...

hey, LLL--
actually, I think the Alaskans lucked out. they'll get another governor our of the deal and, whoever it is, has got to be better for them, right?

at the very least, maybe this got them to wake up and pay attention before electing the next one.

LeftLeaningLady said...

two crows, I LOVE the fact that you are so optimistic. Come enjoy cynicism like I do!
No, really, maybe you are right. Maybe the people of Alaska will pay attention before the next election. I know one person who lives up there though, in Wasilla or close to it and she (a person I thoughthad a brain) LOVES Sarah Palin. So it makes me doubt the entire state. Maybe I am wrong, who knows?

two crows said...

someone hasn't waked up YET?
I thought everyone in Alaska had deserted her by now. maybe it's brain-freeze.

as to why she's stepping down -- I've heard theories ranging from a simple case of book **ahem** 'writing' and preparing to run in 2012 -- to going into a crouch before the pattern of embezzlement is discovered.

my advice? PLEASE run, Sarah!!! And meanwhile keep your face and your mouth in front of the people! All by yourself you'll accomplish a Dem win next time around.

LeftLeaningLady said...

two crows, your thoughts about keeping her front and center mirror mine 100%, but I had a friend yesterday say she thought the same thing about George Bush. Scary!

I do like the idea of her being endicted for embezzlement though. We all know she can barely speak, so any book she writes will take some poor editor more time than they have to make it nice for publishing.

two crows said...

I'll bet she has already hired a ghost. no way will she put forth the effort to actually write the book.

it would be lovely if she was caught committing a crime. acourse, that didn't stop BushCo. still, if she got convicted while out of office, that could put the kybosh on her run for president.