Friday, July 24, 2009

Facebook Crazy

I like Facebook.

I was never a MySpacer and I don't really understand Twitter, so any social networking I do, I do on Facebook.

I have reconnected with BOTH of the boys I had a crush on in 5th grade. I have reconnected with my best friend from Kindergarten, 1st and 2nd grade and many other people I have not seen in many years. Facebook has made me sad about the lost opportunities with the friend I lost last year since I am now friends with her husband. I hear all about what he and the children are doing most days.

But Facebook makes me very uncomfortable with the religious craziness of MANY of my friends and MOST of my relatives.*

A recent post read, "The only comforting thing I found was knowing that Derrick was covered by the Blood of Jesus and God does still hear and answers Prayers."

Not only is this statement grammatically incorrect (and typos happen!) it is just plain odd. One of my cousins recently begged her Facebook friends to PRAY that GOD sends her family a mini-van! (I can't make this up!) She didn't want it for free; she was willing to pay for it. I guess she just didn't want to be bothered with

Maybe I am the odd one, but I don't think God reads Facebook. I think if I want to thank Him for my fabulous husband,** I should just do so and move on. If I get an A in my next class, I should thank Him (quietly) for the brains to do the work. I am not depending on Him to take my tests.

If my mother is having surgery, I am not even sure I would post it on Facebook, but I am CERTAIN I would not TELL everyone to pray for her. How am I supposed to respond to that since I am not a huge prayer?

Am I being a little judgmental? Maybe. But I am pretty sure that is still allowed in this country.
At least for now.

*Ok, 99% of my relatives on Facebook, there is the one cousin who doesn't constantly talk about God, but she is 32, has 2 kids and still lives at home with her parents.

**I am not crazy about my husband right now, so I would probably be yelling at God about him if I felt the need to discuss him with God. I am sure it is a passing thing, but STILL!


two crows said...

errrm, uh --
at the beginning of your post I was ready to sign up. I've been hunting for my best, best friend from 3rd, 4th and 5th grades for years -- and no luck.

but, "knowing that __fill in the blank__ is covered by the blood of Jesus" is the only comforting thing someone has to hang onto? WHAT a sad, scary place to live.

and, yeah, I spent a few weeks selling my truck recently. I didn't ask God for help. I posted it on bulletin boards and took out an ad in a local magazine.
that worked better than sitting on my butt praying, I'll bet.

speaking of a sad, scary place to live -- this country fills the bill pretty well.

LeftLeaningLady said...

Well not everyone out there is a psycho and I have reconnected with a lot of great people. It seems like it is mainly my family who is completely crazy, my friends from school are only a little crazy.

two crows said...

hey again, LLL--
so how did you find your friends on facebook? did you just create a post asking em to contact you? or what?
thanx, tc

LeftLeaningLady said...

well, i knew people on there already. My brother was on there and he had connected with some of my old friends. There is a search. And a lot of them found me. I registered using my maiden name, because that is the name everyone would be looking for. A girl I haven't seen or talked to since 8th
grade sent me a Friend request 2 weeks ago and we have since talked on the phone and she will be in town next month!

Sidhe said...

I love facebook too! I get the strange God references too, like you, they are 100% from my family (well, there is one friend who recently became a minister and he just cannot help himself when he cites scripture).

I wonder if I am strange because I wonder why all these people that I am related to ask God for things that (I think) they should be handling Two Crows' truck...I've always been tempted to respond to my grandfather when he says, "God will provide" by saying "God doesn't do a very good job. But, then again, I am quite irreverent.

Still, I do love FB...crazy family and all!

LeftLeaningLady said...

Sidhe, it is so great to talk to people I haven't seen in forever. My old AF roommate friended me last week. She looked at some of my pictures and commented that the last time she saw my son he was 6 and now he has facial hair!!!!

Most of my friends will praise God or mention how great their church is. One posts a Biblical quote ever day. I can live with those things, it is the constant "help me ask God" stuff that makes me insane.