Friday, March 6, 2009

Product Review: The InStyler

Two weeks ago my bff, P, called me and told me I had to turn the TV to a certain channel and watch the infomercial on the Instyler. "It is amazing!" she said. "It will work for both of us."

How is that possible? We have almost exact opposite hair. Mine is thick, coarse, full of body and FRIZ! Hers is baby fine, straight and difficult to style.* Plus, as I have mentioned before, I wasn't going to fight DSD for the remote.

So I looked at the Instyler website. Sure it looked nice, but they aren't going to show you how difficult it is. And they aren't going to show you the failures. And the blasted thing isn't cheap.

So I googled "Instyler reviews" and was amazed at the number which showed up. These reviews are EVERYWHERE. And most of them are great, although there were complaints about burnt ears, burnt fingers and HOURS of work for straight hair. Mainly I read of a revolutionary new 'flat iron' that left your hair staight, but with body, no friz. Then I went to YouTube and watched many people style their hair with the InStyler, leaving them with straight, no friz hair.

Finally I said, "Eff it" and ordered TWO from Ebay. (I owed P money, so I bought her one to pay her back). They both arrived on Wednesday.

Now on Wednesday I had worn my hair in a ponytail (as I normally do) and my hair was fairly straight except for the ends. I straightened the ends in less than 5 minutes.

On Thursday after work, I took a shower and let my hair air dry.

This was the result.

After heating the Instyler (about 5 minutes) I worked for 9 minutes and ended up with this.

Sorry the picture is a little fuzzy; the hair is obviously straight though.
I love it. I have never been able to get my hair straight.
The above picture is without any product at all, so there is still a little frizz. But I added product before going to bed last night and a little bit more this morning and there is very little frizz. Of course there is very little humidity right now, so that will be the next test!
Recommendation? If you struggle with too much POOF in your 'do, this product is for you!
*Most days I would prefer to have her hair.


ModernMommy said...

I never heard of it until now. I'm like you though very skeptical of anything I see on t.v. Glad it worked out!

Mariecel said...

I have stubbornly straight hair and have always envied those with curls. I tried getting my hair permed once, but it lasted about a week before my hair was straight again - and I followed all my hairdresser's advice on how to keep my perm!

Isn't it funny how we're rarely happy with what we have?

LeftLeaningLady said...

Mariecel, The Instyler seems to be working for my girlfriends hair. It isn't giving it massive curls, but a nice lift so far. She hasn't quite figured out how to get the curls.

pokemon_rawks said...

Changed my mind right after ordering. Instyler said they had no record of my order, then shipped it to me. Refused package, but instyler still charged my account although they had received the package back, stating I had not followed proper return procedure.( A customer service agent told me I could refuse delivery and not be charged.)

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