Saturday, March 21, 2009

Spring with Lola

It has been difficult to keep Lola out of the pool all winter. SHE loves it; I don't like being sprayed with icy water when it is 55 degrees outside.

Today, though, it was beautiful outside, so when Lola stepped onto the top step of the pool, I let her jump right in (I had this planned already.) She swam for a bit (while I rid the yard of dog poop) and then she ran around the pool for a bit, then I threw the tennis ball for her for a bit. I tried to change it up, first throwing into the pool and then throwing it across the yard and have come to the conclusion that she doesn't like to put the dirty balls in her mouth. Crazy dog.

After a while, I was getting bored with the tennis ball thing and then I had the ingenious idea to get one of the 'noodles' out of the shed. It's pretty big, but so is she! Would she play with it?

I guess she would!

While I was in there I found one of those big balls that can be found in a big wire container in many stores. This one had been purchased in the summer of 2001 right after I bought the house. I have no memories of the last time it was actually played with and it was about 1/3 of the way flat. So, it became Lola's also.

We both had a great time and she was pretty amazing. At one point, both the noodle and the ball were in the pool and she had them both in her mouth bringing them back to the steps. I didn't manage pictures of that, but I did manage pictures. Which was great, since she managed to 'kill' the ball before the afternoon was over.

We had a great time and she had a great nap afterwards!

I hope your weekend is just as fun and as wet as you want it to be!

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D said...

I miss being able to walk out back and jump in the pool. Lola's got it made!