Friday, March 20, 2009

Six Years

Six years ago today, the United States of America attacked the soveriegn nation of Iraq with absolutely no reason, no cause, no anything, except the stupidity of a President who wasn't actually elected and a Congress who was afraid of appearing weak.

Six years ago today we were still a nation in mourning for those lost in the Twin Towers, in the Pentagon and in a lonely field in Pennsylvania. We were all Americans, not democrats or republicans, flying our American flags, beloved by 90% of the world who felt we had been persecuted. Until we decided to do the same thing to Iraq, albeit more publicly and with no stealth.

Six years ago today this nation made the biggest mistake in its history, in my opinion, even larger than the quagmire that was Vietnam.

My thoughts are with the families of those who have been lost, of those who are not home, of those who will never be the same. If there is a God, I hope George W Bush is one day held accountable for the murders and brutality that he has caused to be committed. I hope Dubya burns in hell for his actions.

Let's stop counting at six. Bring our troops home.

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