Thursday, November 6, 2008

Let the Healing Begin

We were watching the local 6 o'clock news last night (as we do most nights) and they were doing 'man on the street' interviews with people in a parking lot about the results of the election.* I don't know how many people were actually interviewed, but the first three who were shown had supported and voted for John McCain on Tuesday. I was astounded and touched by their graciousness in their loss. They spoke of hope, for our country and for our new president. They spoke of how much they respected the office of the President and how they were giving their allegiance to the man who would be taking over in January. One of them (an elderly man) said, "I will be praying for President Obama and that he takes our country in a new, better way."

WOW! How awesome is that?

You have to understand that my county is solidly red. I think the final count was 72% for McCain and 27% for Obama. The voters turned out and they were quite vocal in the support for McCain. So it was really great that (at least) these three people are classy enough to understand that Barack Obama will be our new president and that they need to support him.

Of course, they only spoke to one Obama supporter, but he was very gracious in victory.

So this gives me more hope that maybe, just once, without some sort of terrorist attack, we really can just all get along. **

*Why am I NEVER on the street for these interviews? Do I just shop on the wrong days? Or get gas?

** This isn't going to happen and I know it. There have been some joking comments from some I work with about the fact that I voted for Obama and they didn't (was told I couldn't have cake at one point yesterday). But there have been several very snarky, under the breath, but I can still hear you comments also. I can be gracious also.


fallenmonk said...

You don't seem to see that much of that around here. There are still a lot of McCain/Palin signs still in yards. It is nice that people are ready to get on with the job.

Mariecel said...

The funny thing about snarky, under the breath comments is that they are almost always said in a way that you hear it, but the person saying it doesn't reveal that they're really a sore loser.

If that happened to me, I'd call out that person on their nasty comment. Maybe not outloud, but I'd turn to them and whisper "I can hear you, you know". =)