Tuesday, November 25, 2008

I Hope Your Morning is Going Better Than Mine

I was actually running early this morning. I was happy. My hours are flexible, so the earlier I get to work, the earlier I go home! So, I left my house with my purse, my lunchbox and my sode. I parked in the front yard last night, because we have 3 cars and 3 drivers and occassionally the logistics of who has to go back out in the evening, or who has to leave first in the morning means that someone does not get to park in the driveway. So I crossed the front yard, came around the back of my car and came to a dead stop. My drivers side mirror had been destroyed!

The black part of the back of the mirror was just hanging there. The colored part was under the front bumper. Most of the glass was gone. I called the police and got my camera out of the house. I took pictures. It looked to me like someone took a baseball bat to the mirror and I told the police officer that when he arrived. He pointed out the white paint on the drivers side back quarter panel. And the proximity of my trash can. And the dual tire marks headed straight toward my car. He thought it was probably the trash truck or its arm, that thing that actually picks up the can and dumps it into the truck.

Of course he can't put that down on the police report. The police report reads "unknown vehicle" it also reads "Unoccupied/properly parked" for my car though.

I called the trash company after I got to work. I spoke with the receptionist and explained the problem and she immediately transferred me to the owner. The owner said her driver said he had hit nothing. She then took my information, looked over her truck and swore there was no damage to the truck. So they are doing nothing for me. Nice, huh?

I called Nissan. I will take the car in this afternoon for a firmer estimate, but the rough one the man gave me was around $300. Well, of course I have a $500 deductible on my insurance, so I am not even going to talk to them. He will order the part and should be able to have it installed on Monday.

And I am going to look for someone else to pick up my trash.

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SWC said...

I think this is when you should call Tanya Harding.

If she goes all moral on you about beating up the trashman, then she can at least pick up your trash.

And I am hoping, as is the way of Zen (so the tell me) that all the crappy stuff is out of your way, so enjoy the rest of your week!