Saturday, July 12, 2008

Peace and Quiet

It is lovely in my house at the moment. DSD and his LittleMan are somewhere north of here in the woods for the day. They are doing manly things: cutting down trees, scratching and having burping contests. Ok, that is a guess, but they always come home dirty and smelly and exhausted. It is good for them.

BabyBoy is at work.

And I am just enjoying the sound of nothing.

Well, except the dishwasher at the moment.

I have cleaned the kitchen, worked on the laundry, finished a Nora Roberts book and thoroughly enjoyed the fact that the TV is not on.

What I have not done is managed to get anymore work done on my research paper.

I should get to work on it.

Or maybe I will balance the check book! Frankly that sounds more fun.

Hope your weekend has all the peace or all the excitement that you could hope for!


Pete Bogs said...

glad you enjoyed your weekend... mine has been hit or miss...

btw, come by my blog on 7/14 for a special announcement, which you will HEAR me make!

Carl said...

But you might discover that finishing the paper will be good for your dreams, your future nighttime ones. I left a few things permanently unfinished in my graduate days long ago, and ever since I've been hit with a certain recurrent dream that I never need to have. But I bet a lot of people who've been to college are afflicted with that one. It's the "final exam" one.