Monday, July 21, 2008

Flashbacks of Opal

Tropical Storm Dolly has moved across the Yucatan Peninsula and is starting to get her groove on in the Gulf of Mexico. As you can see from the projected path, it looks like poor Texas is on the hook again. Maybe she won't strengthen much (or at all) and they won't have a rough time of it.

She is supposed to hit hurricane strength, but at 18mph, she doesn't have a lot of time before she makes landfall again, according to the National Hurricane Center.

But looking at her track, I am reminded of another storm, 13 years ago. According to the National Hurricane Center, she came across the Atlantic, but I don't remember that. I remember waking up one morning and finding a system in the Gulf. I can't find a picture of it, but originally, she was forecasted to move due south. She didn't.

This was the path as it was forecast next and she stayed pretty true to this prediction.
You can read about and see what she did to NW FL here.

It was a very scary time, evacuating, alone, with a 6 year old (thank goodness he was a boy, it meant we only had to get out of the vehicle if I had to go!). I came home to no damage, except the meat in my freezer since the power had been out for days. But I was lucky and I know that.

So, I am keeping my eye on Dolly, and my fingers crossed that she fizzles in the Gulf and never makes landfall at all.

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