Sunday, February 3, 2008

Super Boring Sunday? (Upated on Monday)

I have my appetizers made for the Super Bowl party we will be attending later today. Good people, good food, good times. Normally I am as vocal about the game as I am about my political beliefs (no one asks me about those anymore), but I really don't care about tonight's game.

I liked Eli Manning when he played for Ole Miss, which is weird, because he is the only Manning to beat my Gators and he did it back to back seasons. But I had a great deal of respect for him.. until his NFL draft when he turned into a whiny, little daddy's boy who refused to play for San Diego. I would smack my son if he acted like that publicly. So, I am having a hard time thinking about cheering for the Giants.

Then there is the New England Cheaters, I mean, Patriots. The coach was caught cheating last summer, the quarterback was cheating on his pregnant girlfriend (it doesn't get much tackier than that) and they are playing on Super Sunday for the, what?, fourth time this decade? They should have been prohibited from post-season play after last summer's debacle. But that is why I like college football.

So, I have to cheer for the whiner and not the cheats, but, really? I'd rather stay home and watch a movie.

Oh, well, hopefully the commercials will be great.

UPDATE: Wow! What a game! I think the last time I actually enjoyed a SuperBowl this much was 2003, but that is because the Buccaneers won. Since I had no real feeling for either team, I could appreciate the great plays on both sides. I would have enjoyed it even if the Pats had kept Eli and company from scoring that last TD. I was glad the Pats "perfect season" was killed and that the cheaters didn't win.

Sadly, there was too much party in my Super Bowl and I was late to work this morning AND am not feeling too well. I am normally much better about controlling my libations (DSD was driving, so that wasn't an issue), but it must have gotten out of control at some point. And I have a college class tonight, so I won't be going to bed early. :-(


Shel said...

I was conflicted about yesterday's game but for different reasons. I thought it would be cool to see a team go undefeated and win it all, but I also like a good spoiler. And I wanted Eli to avoid the same fate as older bro Peyton--the "can't win the big one" nickname.

Sadly, most of the commercials were lame--except the one with the lizards doing "Thriller."

LeftLeaningLady said...

I thought the Thriller one was good, but I liked most of the Bud commercials and the Coke balloons and Hi Chuck with Charles Barkley. Plus the Planters one with that girl with the UniBrow.

Luckily, I was wrong about the game itself, it was awesome and I was thinking it was awesome even before the Giants last TD, when it looked like the Pats would pull it out!

andante said...

I'm with you, Michael, on your 'picks'. Neither side excited me much, but oh - what a great game. A very nice surprise after so many B.O.R.I.N.G games of late.

But yeah - gimme college football any day.

LeftLeaningLady said...

Less than 7 months until college football kickoff. But watch this space for updates on the new AAFL. First game that I will be attending is less than 3 months away!

Bird said...

i watched the last five minutes of the game - which i believe actually lasted 20 because of time outs, referees conferring and commercials - and folks say baseball is boring - but will say, what little action i saw (in between the down time) was suspenseful and thrilling. yet i still don't get football. it is possibly the most homoerotic sport of all time played by some of the most homophobic men. and i'm not sure i get it - some guy throws a ball, another guy tries to catch it, and everybody else tries to pile up on top of him and the ball.

i prefer the ballet to football and that's where i was in the afternoon.

however, once baseball season starts, i kiss the ballet good bye. i do, after all, have my priorities.

LeftLeaningLady said...

Priorities, yes, I do understand those and football is my only sports priority. I grew up on baseball, Little League (that was before girls played) and the Cubs on TV before we had cable. I was the strange girl in high school who read the paper every day & ALWAYS checked the sports pages to see who was winning their division (and to see how many games back the Cubs were!). I lived through the first strike, but I threw my hands in the air after the second and gave up on baseball completely. It just pissed me off. And that is a lot of the reason that I enjoy college football more than NFL. No striking in college! Plus, in my opionion, baseball IS boring on TV and football can still be a lot of fun.

Isn't it great how different we all are?