Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Nicely Put

For the most part, this story on MSNBC is pure drivel. It is about the dividing lines in the Democratic Party, race, gender, generational, etc and it actually irritated the crap out of me until the very end.
Finally, whatever the passions of Mr. Obama’s and Mrs. Clinton’s supporters
— and by every measure, their passions are about as high as they ever get in
politics — Democrats have throughout this year been unified by the intensity of
their desire to win back the White House after eight years of President Bush.

And that is a beautiful thing!


Pete Bogs said...

I'm white, and most of the people I know are white... most of them want Obama for Prez... race is not an issue...

LeftLeaningLady said...

Ahhhh, Pete, sometimes I do believe that you are incredibly naive. Although I think a bigger deal has been made in the media about the race issue, no one has mentioned that many (excluding you, of course) are voting for Barack because he is a MAN. I (personally) know several people who will not vote for Hillary because she is a woman. Of course, they are not the brightest matches in the box, but they are allowed to vote!