Thursday, February 21, 2008

I Want to Hope

It appears (to me, at least) that the nominating process for the Democratic Party is almost over. I am predicting Barack Obama as the Democratic nominee and I am not sure how I feel about that. As I have said before, I wanted John Edwards to be my President, and I was fine with Barack Obama as Vice-President. I honestly didn't see how that combination could be beat in November. Once the media decided IT didn't want John to be President (come on, most voters vote for those who are heavily covered by the media and Edwards wasn't), I started supporting Hillary. I supported Edwards based A LOT on his health care coverage, on his speeches of "two Americas" and his background, but when deciding between Barack and Hillary, I had to carefully look at each of the issues. And their experience. And who I thought, honestly, could win in November, because it doesn't matter WHO the nominee is as long as they can win in November.

I like Hillary's health care plan better. +1
I like the fact that Barack has ALWAYS been against the war. +1 (Although I do sometimes ask myself how he would've voted if he had been a US Senator at the time of the vote. Would he have still been part of the largest anti-war movement in Illinois? Would he have, at least, been out on the Mall protesting? Or would he have played it safe like Hillary did?)
I like Barack's plan on the economy better than Hillary's, although I don't really like it, but at least he HAS a plan. +1.
I don't like either of their policies on immigration. I don't see the need for a blasted fence on the Mexico-Texas border. Mexicans work hard for this country (much harder than I do) and I am not worried about them taking my job. I don't think a fence would've stopped 9/11. I don't think there is a blasted thing this government could do to stop another 9/11 and I think concentrating on the Mexicans is stupid and racist. No points.
I like Hillary's thoughts on energy simply because the first thing she says is to eliminate tax breaks for oil companies. +1

So far, Hillary 2, Barack 2 (yes, I know there are a lot more issues, but these are the ones I am most familiar with).

Hillary has been a Senator longer than Barack. Hillary was First Lady for 8 years and that really does mean something. Hillary worked in Washington when Barack was still in grade school. Hillary +1.

Hillary has been through the ringer with the media, Rush, Ann Coulter. What has Barack been through? Right now the right wingers are letting the two of them tear each other down, what is going to happen when Barack gets the nomination? Where will the Swift Boaters hit him? Where is he vulnerable? We won't know until the world does and I have no doubt it will not be pretty. What will happen then? Will he be able to fight it? Or will he just lie down as John Kerry did?

My fear is that Barack Obama is such an unknown that #1, there is something in his past that will make him unelectable, and #2, he is nothing but a personality.

I know people are sick of the establishment. I know that the younger generation (those who are voting for the first time) have no memory of a time when a Bush or a Clinton was not in the White House. I know that Hillary does not come across as necessarily warm and fuzzy. Neither did Al Gore, but I wish the courts had not stolen the election from him. And, while I may not want to have a beer with Hillary (ok, I wouldn't mind it), I would want her at my back if a fight broke out.

So, for those of you who are supporting Barack (PETE!), convince me that he will make a better President than she will. Because right now, all I feel is hopeless.


andante said...

I want to hope, too.

And I found an interesting bit in (from all people,) George Will:

"The president who came to office with the most glittering array of experiences had served 10 years in the House of Representatives, then became minister to Russia, then served 10 years in the Senate, then four years as secretary of state (during a war that enlarged the nation by 33 percent), then was minister to Britain. Then, in 1856, James Buchanan was elected president and in just one term secured a strong claim to being ranked as America's worst president. Abraham Lincoln, the inexperienced former one-term congressman, had an easy act to follow."

While one would never accuse Dubya of having any experience before coming to office, he's easily the worst president evah. Whichever candidate gets the nomination can't do worse in comparison.

And a little dose of positive rhetoric, inspiration, won't hurt. God knows, we need it after Dubya.

LeftLeaningLady said...

So you are saying that whoever becomes President will look good compared to Dubya? Well that is a fact! Maybe I should just keep looking at the bright side that Dubya will be gone, but I want things to get better. I want those kids to come home. I want health care for all citizens. I want, I want, I want.

The glass is half full, I swear!