Thursday, December 27, 2007

The CrimiNoles do it again

As a FANatic of college football, in general, and the University of Florida, specifically, the Florida State University is way down on my list of loveable teams. When friends have told me that I am to NEVER cheer against an in-state team, I say, "Eff You." I am so sick and twisted that there are very few things that tickle me more than to see FSU players and coaches get themselves in a little trouble. (That does not count illness or injury, that whole Sexton, lyme disease, poor kid thought he was Jesus was heart-breaking). So, it was with a tremendous amount of glee that I saw the news story that 36 FSU players would not be attending the Music City Bowl. There are numerous reasons listed, but the main one is cheating. On an exam for an online class. In Art History. How stupid could you be?

It never even crossed my mind that FSU would beat Kentucky in this bowl game. Kentucky has one of the best teams in the history of that school (during the last 20 years anyway) and FSU, well, they stink. But I am not even sure they will SCORE on the Wildcats. And the game should be over in the first half, because they have no replacements if their starters get tired.

This is a team who went from mediocrity to National Champions (much like my beloved Gators) in the 90's. The new milleniumm, however, has not been great for the 'Noles and it does not appear to be getting better. Is it possible that it is time for Bobby Bowden to retire? Does 2 pretty bad seasons in a row mean that he has lost it? Is this a younger man's game? (Some say yes, some say no.)

I certainly don't have the answers. All I know, for sure, is that FSU has managed to embarrass itself once again. And I am tickled by that. Tickled blue & orange.


CresceNet said...
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andante said...

....and there is a god. Kentucky does it, 35-28.

Hee, hee......

Pete Bogs said...

Happy New Year, LLL!

LeftLeaningLady said...

Yes! Kentucky wins... barely!
That was a better game than I expected andante!

Pete, Hope 2008 is great for you! Sure do miss you around here!

crescenet, wow, thank you? I don't speak French, so I hope you weren't cursing me out!