Thursday, September 20, 2012

But He Will Get Their Vote!

Of course, by now, we've all heard or read the words spoken in May by Mitt(ens) at a fund raiser in Boca Raton, FL. He obviously has no understanding of what I would term "real" life or "real" people and he certainly has no respect for those of us who were not born with a silver spoon in our mouths. That's who he is and it certainly has not come as a shock to me... did I really think he liked or respected ME? (Yes, female - so no, he doesn't). The part that I find shocking is that MANY of the same people he denigrated will still vote for him.

I, of course, am the protagonist, the Super Hero, the Cool Kid in my own story of my own life. That story that we all have churning around in our heads just waiting for a moment to share our adventures with new friends (or old ones who may be kind enough to listen again). I am certain that there have been bits and pieces of my personal history that I have accidentally re-written - I think many of us do. But, for the most part, I think that my version is closer to true than most of the people I know, personally. I've made mistakes. I've been mean or petty. I am human and I am OK with new friends (or old ones) knowing that. But maybe I have just convinced myself that the story in my head is true through a wonderfully convincing way with words? And pictures?


However, I know, right this minute, where I am in life. I can look back and be appreciative of the times when I needed a helping hand and received one. I can be thankful that I do not need a helping hand right this minute, but appreciate the fact that it should be available if I DO need it in the future.

I can appreciate the fact that I am covered by health insurance that is paid for by the tax dollars of others and wish that it was better and wish that everyone had this option!

I can say that if Social Security is not available when I turn 65 (or is 67? I am so confused), I will probably be working until it is available, even if it's only part time, because I started my retirement plan very late.

I can say that I have made mistakes, but that I am OK with them.  Some of them were pretty stupid and some of them were very stupid, but they have all combined to bring me to this exact time and place and it's a pretty great place!

What I do not understand, however, is how it is possible to have NEVER worked - not a single day - and complain about government handouts. What I do not understand is a disabled person who has not worked in YEARS, drawing social security disability, and still complaining about those nasty people who 'suck off the government.' What I do not understand is a person who lives off those so-called "entitlements" who thinks it is wrong for others to live off those so-called "entitlements."

The hypocrisy of the American people is astounding.

I had someone on Facebook tell me recently that yes, she is on Medicaid, but that is better than Obamacare! What?!?!!?

I have a cousin who has a degenerative eye disease who has not worked in YEARS complaining about the "those lazies who suck off the government teat."

What the F*CK?!?!

Work and life and life and work have taken it's toll on me this week, even to the point of  putting me behind in my schoolwork. So I shall do school work this weekend and will hopefully have another 'blog post up soon!


Mr. Charleston said...

I've become really short-tempered with the idiots and flat call them what they are. Losing a lot of acquaintances but feeling a lot better about it. The one good thing about growing old with old friends is that neither of us can remember each other's tales so we get to enjoy them again and again.

LeftLeaningLady said...

You are correct! I have lost many acquaintances and I don't miss them at all. If I lose someone I considered a friend, well, I guess they weren't!