Monday, September 3, 2012

Halfway Through The First Class!

Happy Labor Day everyone! I am taking today completely off... I swear, I am NOT opening that text book... well, maybe for a minute!

Due to Hurricane Isaac (OK, due to the fact that stupid is everywhere!) we did not work last Tuesday. Keep in mind that seven years ago when Katrina was barreling through the Gulf it was business as usual because she wasn't heading HERE!! Neither was Isaac, but someone panicked! So I wasn't working, I had a mid-term to do, I figured I would knock it out and be able to enjoy my three day weekend.

I turned it in at 5:00 last night (Sunday). OMG! Fifteen questions. Essay questions. NOT short essays, mind you, FULL essays. Intro - 3 paragraphs - conclusion. That is a total of 75 paragraphs! And I was unable to work on it Thursday night because it was DSD's birthday. My brain still feels like mush!

But it is completed. And I am officially halfway through the first class of Grad school.

Obviously I was a little busy and did not watch the Republican Convention. Why bother? I can catch the important LIES the next day on the internet and "The Daily Show." I don't need to waste my time actually listening to the bozos speak. But I appreciate all of you who do so that I can read your commentary later.

Just over 60 days until the election. It's looking like a close one. I cannot imagine anyone except for rich white guys voting for R&R, but many will. Let's do all we can to ensure that Mitt fails at least as big as his father did!


Steven said...

Congratulations on the 1/2 way mark!
We watched the convention...or I did for about 10 minutes. I had to leave the room after that. But I could still hear it so I went out to the garage. That did it. My wife wanted to hear what Ann had to say so she stayed for her speech and then we turned it off before that idiot from NJ spoke.
Doesn't anyone understand that this election is being bought by half a dozen extremely wealthy men? Don't they see that these men want SOMETHING for all that cash they are pumping into the campaign. They want an administration that they can control; paid for! The voters don't remember the 'Gilded Age' because they don't teach that stuff in high school history classes. It's to our misfortune that they don't...

" When French prime minister Georges Clemenceau visited, he said the nation had gone from a stage of barbarism to one of decadence -- without achieving any civilization between the two. "

LeftLeaningLady said...

From your fingers to someone's brain, my friend. But I think Bill Clinton nailed it last night.