Thursday, May 14, 2009

I Like Sharing Good News!

Even when it proves that I can be wrong occassionally.

BabyBoy has been looking for work just like the rest of the country. He is 20 with very little experience outside of fast food, but he called a couple of weeks ago and asked me to help him with his resume. He and one of his roommates had created one for him. Could I look it over and print it for him? (They don't have a printer)

It sucked. I fixed it and the entire time I was thinking, "How is having a resume going to help him? Fill out an application, get a job! What a waste of time!" But I did it for him, changing things in it from "cleaning" to "ensuring area met all sanitary guidelines" because it sounds better.

I also added all of his theatre work, 2 roles and 4 times as a technician to show that he HAS been busy even when he hasn't been employed.

He called yesterday! He has a job! Full time. Ok, seasonal, but still.

And that blasted resume is what got it for him. He went to a local 'resort' (I like to call it a hotel, but whatever) and was filling out an application for a desk clerk or something and he handed his resume to the HR person. Well, I guess this particular resort has a kids camp and would BabyBoy like to spend his summer dressing up like a pirate or a parrot and entertaining the little darlings? And when he isn't doing that, would he like to arrange Rock Band competitions for the teenagers? And, since this is a brand new game, would he like to PLAY the game, ON THE CLOCK, to open up the songs which are not yet opened?

Of course he would. He starts tomorrow!

So, I was wrong about the resume. AND all those times I told him, "Playing video games is not going to help you in your future!"

I'm okay with being wrong. Just.This.Once.


skyewriter said...

Congrats to your Babyboy. That must be a load off his (and your) mind.

It sounds like he is going to get paid to have fun.

That's the best kind of job ever.

fallenmonk said...

That is good news. You just never know when you will be in the right place at the right time. Adding his theater experience was the trick.

Sidhe said...

That is great news! I work in the employment game and truly you just never know what is going to do it for you but I always suggest a good resume and, like you did, fill in dead time with what you were doing.

Pete Bogs said...

your comment about games not helping kids in the future reminds me of something else parents used to say: "Don't sit in front of that TV all day. Don't sit so close, or you'll go blind!"

most of us do these very things every day for a living - a computer monitor is a tv screen!

PS: I've posted some VIDEOS from my trip!

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