Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Sick Baby!

Yesterday morning, after my shower, I walked down the hallway and smelled.. crap. While I was hoping that Lola was just a bit gassy, I knew in my heart that the smell was too overwhelming to just be gas.

Now I am a believer in crate training and Lola loves her "bed." She goes into it happily whenever we tell her to and hasn't fussed about it in forever. Very seldom do dogs soil inside their crate, so I knew this was something that she could not help. I let her outside, cleaned up her and her crate, fed her, gave her some water and put her back in the crate. DSD gave her a full on bath later in the afternoon (there are some benefits to his being out of work!). By the time I went to bed last night, she was going every 15 minutes or so and had diarrhea.

This morning, her bed was dirty again (although she hadn't stepped in it or rolled in as she had yesterday morning) and she pooped again (very watery) three times. I didn't feed her much, but apparently I shouldn't have fed her at all. I am not rushing her to the vet, because she isn't acting sick. She's still very hyper, very loving and very playful. She does not seem to be in any pain, she isn't lathargic; she just has diarrhea. From something she ate that she should not have, I am certain. I had to take my cell phone out of her mouth on Monday afternoon.

So DSD is going to start her on a rice only diet and give her plenty of water and we will watch her very carefully over the next couple of days. I am very lucky that I have my vet's personal cell phone number. We chose him because we were already very good friends with his girlfriend; the fact that he is a Florida graduate and huge football fan was just a bonus.

So think sweet thoughts about my baby girl that she gets over this quickly. And enjoy these photos that I have been going to post anyway!

From this summer. She won't get anywhere near the pool now. That water is cold. My baby girl isn't stupid!

From October. She has gotten so big! She is such a great addition to the family. If I could just get her to stop JUMPING on my guests.


Shel said...

Here's hoping she gets better very soon!

If you figure out how to get her to stop jumping on your guests, would you let me know? Teddy still jumps on guests and we've had him five years.

D said...

Wow, she's adorable! I hope she gets well soon. Sick animals are never a good time.