Saturday, December 13, 2008

Am I a Sore Loser?


I'm not really comfortable saying too much about my job in my blog. It's not that I work with or on classified material. A lot of what is done at my place of work can be found in magazines, books or on the internet, but since my time in the Air Force (when I did work with classified material), I am uberconscious about security. In today's world, you never know who is lurking around a corner to pick up teeny bits of information from several different sources. Or maybe I am psychotically paranoid as well as being a sore loser.

Anyway, last night was the annual Holiday Party. DSD was not too hip on going (he always has a good time), but this year I was insistent, because the Yearly Awards are given at the party and I KNEW I was going to win. Who else? I have been very pivotal in pushing through paperwork this year that allows us to keep working and I have (almost single handedly) set up new procedures that brought us new customers, allowing us to make more money, on top of performing my regular duties which include every day paperwork, slight accounting and a tiny bit of contracts paperwork. Pretty impressive, huh?

Apparently not impressive enough.

Because I did not win.

The receptionist did.


Now yes, she does have (a few) duties that are outside the realm of actually being a receptionist, and she received a promotion a month ago, so she is no longer the receptionist. She is now the executive assistant to the BigGuy. But for 10 months of the year, she was the GD receptionist. And it is part of MY job description that if she is out, I am part of the team who covers the receptionist duties. So, trust me, this isn't a really difficult job. Answer the phone, page people over the loud speaker*, tranfer phone calls, take messages, etc.

So I am pissed! Receiving a promotion is not grounds for a yearly award. Neither is answering the damn phones. Sadly, I really like the woman who won. She is very pleasant and I don't wish her ill, I just don't think she's done a damn thing (except for be pleasant) that warrants this award. And I was hoping to parlay MY winning into a big, fat raise.

Instead, I will just sulk quietly to a few (very few) of my trusted co-workers and bitch on here. There is no way to find out who even voted for her and not me. And I will hold this close and nurture my anger, because that is what I do!

*I have on 3 separate occassions paged myself. I always had a reason, once to check the system, twice to train others how to work the system. It tickles me every time.


Carl said...

Very sorry to hear about your intense disappointment. But, as they say, Man proposes but God disposes.

Of course you deserved to win the award. That was clear without knowing a single thing about your job and your virtues in performing it. But you might want to be as careful with being angry as you've been in saying anything about your job. Many others might disagree, but I'm convinced that in the end anger is nothing but a self-administered poison. Ask Lola. :)

LeftLeaningLady said...

Ahhh, Carl, I am certain you are correct. However, I have not yet learned to let go of the anger. I can hold a grudge forever. I am not, however, mad at the winner, just the sytem.

D said...

That sucks. The company I work for doesn't even hand out yearly awards, bonuses, etc. Instead, I receive a card in the mail with reprinted signatures of my company's executives. I would have preferred it if they just gave me the extra $.42 and didn't bother with the card.

I'm bitter... and I have accepted this.

Shel said...

Sorry to hear about your disappointment. You have every right to be disappointed. Next time you have a job review, be sure to tout your accomplishments. Maybe that will bolster your chances for next year.

andante said...

Sounds like the `voting` was rigged to me. Or maybe you didn`t brown-nose or toot your own horn enough?

Anyway, it does suck.

Anonymous said...

Quit yer bitchin and get back to work!

The Chairman