Monday, December 29, 2008

More Information on Being a Sore Loser

It was overheard, prior to the decision of who would win the Yearly Award, a couple of the voters discussing who had or had not won this award before. I won it in 2001; the first year of its existence. Apparently anyone who had won already was not in contention for winning it again.

So I never had a shot.

For some reason that made me feel better.

I am hoping to discuss this with one of those voters, behind closed doors and explain how ridiculous a policy it is.

My last raise was less than $0.20 an hour. Before this year we received the standard 3% cost of livng raises, but not anymore.

I am being paid about $8,000.00 a year less than what my company's own website states is starting pay for my job.

Excellence is in no way, shape, or form rewarded.

So, if I am not eligible for this reward what point is there in my striving for excellence?

Ok, I'm going to do my job to the best of my ability and, had I known I was not eligible for the award at the beginning of the year, I still would have done the little extra things that I did to keep this place running smoothly. But I don't want someone else to get screwed next year for the same stupid policy.

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