Monday, September 1, 2008

This Should Have Been Post on August 28th (Ok, maybe the 29th)

Endometrial ablation completed and I am doing fine!

Actually there was no way that I was going to post before I went in. Fourteen hours with no food or water was insane and I was doing everything in my power to find something else to focus on. The no food was tough, but the no water was killing me.

I was originally scheduled for 3pm, but moved up to 2pm. I could barely see the clock after I took out my contacts, but I am pretty sure I was still awake at 2:45 and I was back awake by 4pm. I was, of course, pretty out of it. My back was KILLING me, whether from the procedure or from lying on the stretcher, so I couldn't get comfortable. DSD asked them for some water from me and they brought me juice. Juicy juice. Some sort of mixed berry thing. I drank it, but that was a lot of sugar for my system at that point and I was sick as a dog on the way home (Thank goodness I had a spare plastic bag in my car. Thank goodness, also, that DSD wasn't sick since he is normally a sympathetic puker).

I was home and in bed by 6pm where I proceeded to writhe in pain and wonder what the hell I had done for about 2 hours before I finally passed out from the pain drugs. I was up from 10-11:45 for liquids (wasn't hungry), but dozed on the couch from 11-11:45. I went back to bed and was up by 6:30 Friday morning. I really just could not sleep anymore.

I managed to nap on Friday and on Saturday and sleep well at night. I haven't taken anymore prescription pain medicine since about noon on Friday. Sunday I felt a little "off." I don't know how else to describe it and my parents stopped in for a couple of hours and my mom swore I felt fevered. 99.5 is not considered fevered, but I took Tylenol and drank plenty of water and I am feeling fine today.

So all appears to be well. I have my followup on Sep 10th and, hopefully, that will be the end of this saga.


Shel said...

I'm glad to hear all went well with this!

LeftLeaningLady said...

Thank you. Me Too!