Monday, September 1, 2008

Another One for Aug 30th!

Go Gators!

Football season finally got under way in the Swamp and, while my Gators did not look wonderful in the 1st quarter, they did manage a 56-10 win over the University of Hawii. Of course, you should have watched the game, but you can read about it at Gatorzone.

Next Saturday the Swamp plays host to the GameDay crew and the University of Miami Hurricanes (because we all need more hurricanes in our lives right now). I would have to look it up to make sure, but I do not think that Florida has beat Miami in the last 20 years.

Hopefully this is the year. It should be a good game.

Go Gators!

(Our football pool has been sidelined due to the health of the man who normally runs it. Hopefully he will be out of the hospital soon and back to work! Our thoughts are with you, Jerry. Get well soon!)

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