Tuesday, September 9, 2008

NCAA Football Week 2

In the first Florida/Miami match up of the Urban Meyer era, Florida managed to score on the first drive of the game, lead the entire time and finally break an 0-6 losing streak over the past 23 years.
Which is not to say they looked good doing it.
The first drive was awesome. After that? Eh, so so.
Florida did not score again until a punt block just before half time netted them 2 points for a safety.
After a scoreless 3rd quarter, Florida seemed to come alive, wakeup, pull their heads out of their ass (pick your term) and score 17 points.
Final score 26-3.

I am not a football analyst. I barely know the I formation from the Wishbone (ok, I just learned what the Wishbone looks like over the weekend), but I can recognize sloppy and my beloved Gators looked sloppy on Saturday. My brother (still not an analyst, but knows more than me) says Coach Meyer did it on purpose. Florida has a bye this week before travelling to Knoxville to take on Rocky Top. My brother says that none of Florida's weapons were showcased last week and now the Vols have no idea what the Gators actually have in their arsenal. Let's hope he is right and that they use their arsenal many many times into the checkerboard endzone.

Tennessee looked awful against UCLA; I am not sure I could stand the humiliation if my Gators were to lose to them!

In a semi-related story, I managed 8 out of 10 in our football pool. Since DSD picked 9 right and a friend picked 10, I am pretty convinced I did not win.

There's always this week.

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