Saturday, August 23, 2008

News from the Eye!

Last check of The Weather Channel had us sitting in the middle of Fay's somewhat disorganized eye, the weather completely calm outside with no wind. We received a little over an inch of rain last night, but nothing much has happened today.

The wind seems to be trying to pick up out there now, but the sun also appears to be trying to breakthrough occassionally. There is allegedly many, many more inches of rain to come (Tallahassee received over 7 inches in the past 24 hours), but right now it seems to be just another slightly cloudy Saturday.

Hope your weekend is going well.

And, just FYI, if future President Obama had picked Satan as his VP, I was still voting for him.

1 comment:

Pete Bogs said...

hey! hope things stay calm there... we dodged a bullet here... Fay went right around the Tampa area...

stay dry, and take care!