Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Little Bits of This and That

* I am thoroughly enjoying the Olympics. I didn't expect to. I figured I would be bored, but I spent hours Saturday morning trying to understand this sport called Handball and I have been glued to the TV most evenings.

* My followup at the doctor's last week gave me a clean bill of health. No more problems. Now, I just get to wait patiently for the next 2 weeks until my ablation. But I have plenty of leftover drugs, so I am not really worried about having any pain.

* The situation with Georgia and Russia confuses me. I know my understanding of foreign affairs is slim. I don't take the time I probably should to understand. But, didn't Georgia attack last week? And isn't Russia fighting them to stop the attack? Then why is our government (Dubya) fussing at Georgia? How is this different from what we did in 1990 with Kuwait and Iraq? How is this our business? If Central America attacked Mexico, wouldn't we help? And tell anyone who blasted us for it to butt out?

* Why was Dubya able to take the weekend off to hang out in China with the Olympic athletes? Didn't he have anything better to do? Aren't we at war? Isn't our economoy in the toilet? And, yet, ol' dipshit has time to hang out with the beach volleyball team?

* And, isn't it tacky to go to China for the Olympics, blast them on Human rights issues (like we have any room to talk) and then STAY? Probably taking advantage of the poor people who now have to feed you and clean your room. I made DSD turn the channel every time that asshole was on my TV.

* I love my job, but, frankly, I am sick and tired of the territorial BS that comes from working with women.
Ok, that's not fair. While I do find it easier to work with men (not so catty), one of the women I work with is not very bright, not very organized and guards her work with some sort of weird secrecy like I may take over her job also. I have plenty to do, thanks, I don't need hers also.

* Lola has been wonderful. I just wish I had some idea how to make her sleep past 6 on weekend mornings!

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