Tuesday, March 25, 2008

I Got A Reply!

Well, it wasn't directly from Governor Crist, but it did address the issues I emailed him about here. And, frankly, I guess he told me. I really have been blaming this entire debacle on the Republican controlled Congress and the Republican Governor and, I was obviously wrong. The Florida Democrats obviously thought this was a fine idea also.

Thank you for contacting Governor Charlie Crist. The Governor appreciates your
opinions and asked that I respond on his behalf.
During the 2007 legislative
session, a bill was proposed in both the Florida House and Senate with
Democratic and Republican co-sponsors that would move Florida's Presidential
Primary to January 29. The new legislation, which also included funding to
provide a paper ballot trail for all 67 counties, ultimately passed the House
118-0 and the Senate 37-2. Governor Crist signed the bill into law on May 22,
2007. The Democratic National Committee and the Republican National Committee
determined that moving Florida's primary to January 29 violated party rules.
The Democratic National Committee ultimately ruled that Florida would not be
allowed to send delegates to the party's national nominating convention in
August while the Republican National Committee will allow Florida to seat only
half of its normal allotment of delegates to their party's nominating convention
in September. Democratic candidates for President signed and honored a pledge
not to campaign in Florida, but Republican candidates continued to aggressively
seek votes in our state.

Despite this, voters turned out in record
numbers to exercise their right to vote on January 29. Governor Crist believes
the right to vote is the foundation of our nation's democracy and that it is
reprehensible that the national political party bosses in Washington have denied
the citizens of Florida the right to have their votes count.
Although some
have suggested holding another primary, the Governor does not support this
option if Florida taxpayers would be asked to pay for it. The Governor believes
the national political parties should bear the cost if that remedy is chosen.
There has already been an election and the Governor has called upon the
respective state and national party chairs to resolve this matter and to ensure
that the voters of Florida are full participants in the formal selection of
their parties'
Thank you again for taking the time to contact
Governor Crist. If you have questions regarding Florida's role at the nominating
conventions, I encourage you to share your views directly with the political
Warren Davis
Office of Citizen
Executive Office of the Governor

So everyone is to blame, but no one can fix it and make my vote count. No word from Howard Dean, but there wasn't last time either.


Carl said...

Informative letter. Thanks. I had forgotten that the Repubs had campaigned aggressively, which is strange, because I remember checking it out. I wanted to see if Guiliani was going to get away with doing hardly any campaigning in those small first states and instead scoring big in Fla. And though I'm not on his side, I thought it might be cool if his gamble worked.

LeftLeaningLady said...

There were some Democrats' families in the local area. Bill was here (about an hour an hour away) for a fund raiser.