Monday, October 1, 2007

My Responsibility

As I sat there Saturday night staring stupidly at the TV, I shook my head and realized that this was all my fault. A 17-20 loss to AUBURN, in the Swamp. Why? Because I broke the mojo. I am truly sorry to the Gator Nation. Please accept my heartfelt apologies and do not disown me.

mlmintampa (for whom I can find no information whatsoever) over at Alligator Army seems to think he is partially responsible

Despite the defense making Brandon Cox seem like Joe Montana and the lack
of imagination in the play calling, I also share some blame in this loss. I did
the points spread poll without including the "lose outright" option and I got a
hair cut today, which you never do during a win streak (you can get a cut, but
not on a gameday)...I had Mich Light, but my timing was off and I also had
problems with the computer...I've been looking ahead to the LSU game, and I
wasn't focused...I could have gone to the lucky clothes in the second half, but
I have them reserved for LSU and was afraid to use them...I'm also
thinking about the Yankees in the playoffs. (By the way, I'm very serious about
this. My level of superstition is quite high. You're talking to someone who asks
Saints and the Virgin Mary to protect the Gators and Yankees. I screwed up today

But he does not know the truth. It is a long sad tale and it is painful to admit, but here it is.

Last year a friend of ours was in town over the Christmas holidays to see his parents. Now, Kevin was raised in Ohio, attended BGSU and is a HUGE Buckeye fan. I am sure the fact that his father is an enormous Wolverine fan makes for great Thanksgiving holidays, but I digress. As you know by Christmas we all knew that Florida was scheduled to play OSU on Jan 8 for the National Championship and everyone just knew that my Gators were going to get killed. (HA!) Well, Kevin, being something of a smartass, got me a Buckeye T-shirt and copies of all of the OSU songs, pledges, whatever. I laughed about it, took the shirt home, washed it put it away. And then laughed again when Florida massacared the Buckeyes and the shirt stayed in my dresser. Now fast forward 9 months to Sep 22. Florida played @ Ole Miss at 1130 (CDT) and squeaked by with 30-24 win. OSU played Northwestern with a 2:30 (CDT) kickoff time. I stayed with the Gators until the end of the game and then switched over to the OSU game and changed my shirt. What was I thinking? What did I do? I never, never, never take off my game day shirt until all football has been played. Sometimes I sleep in it, just to ensure the magic continues and I put on an OSU shirt in the middle of the afternoon? Sure DSD appreciated the gesture, but at what price?

So while the team didn't look great and there were a couple of questionable coaching calls, it wasn't their fault. There wasn't a lot they could have done for a win. I apologize profusely and promise IT WILL NOT HAPPEN AGAIN!

I just hope I haven't broken the mojo for the rest of the season. And, yes, I am dead serious about this.


andante said...


I used to go through the same sort of routine with my Washington Redskins.

Apparently too many of us started slacking off on our mojo responsibilities.

But I blame it on the Carolina Panthers. Ever since they came to N.C., the TV stations around here don't show the 'Skins much anymore.

We refuse to spring the $$$ for the whatever-it-is cable channel, and alas - listening on the radio just doesn't invoke the same magic,

andante said...

P.S. - I swear I won't tell a soul about your shirt.

LeftLeaningLady said...

well, what can I say? I was not the only one who screwed up that weekend, sadly, I think there were many more this weekend!

thank you for the comments.