Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Getting There and Thankful For It

I am in the last two weeks of this term and ready for it to be completed. I have one last speech to give tomorrow night, which is 99% complete. The Powerpoint is probably only 35% complete, so I have work to do tonight. I am looking forward to it, since it is about college football and (even though I have not blogged about it much this year) I do still love college football AND my Gators... even when they suck!

So, finish the speech and the Powerpoint, write one paper about a speech given by someone else (imagine, I chose Jon Stewart's end of Rally speech) and take two final exams. Hooray! I am ready.

Our Thanksgiving was fun. DSD's oldest boy decided he wasn't coming for dinner if he couldn't bring his dog... who has never met any of us OR Lola. It would have been a nightmare. He wasn't missed. A friend who normally comes brought her mother and her mother's boyfriend. SleepyEd is our nickname for him. They arrived at 2 and he had to be awakened for dinner... at 3. Then he was in the kitchen with BabyBoy demanding dessert before most of us were done with dinner. No offers to help with the cooking or the cleanup. He then proceeded to go BACK to sleep until time to go. WOW!

There was a slight discussion on taxes and how unfair it is to raise taxes on the rich, but it was held outside of my hearing, because they were afraid they weren't going to get dinner if I overheard probably.

Still in a funk, but I am blaming it on hormones and exhaustion (and the exhaustion can be partially blamed on the hormones and the fact that I am not sleeping).

So for the rest of you in a funk. Read this. It is a really beautiful story. It may not help your funk, but it may give you a nice happy tears cry.

AND, I just received an Email from the NewYorkTimes saying that the Senate passed a bill on food safety. 75-25. Huh. Bi-partisan? Must be something wrong.


Nance said...

Happy for you! I'd love to read that Rally Speech paper.

Thanksgiving sounds so...um, much like an American holiday meal. The Sleepy Ed story is priceless.

And the Senate bill? Right after Thanksgiving is a really good time to bring Salmonella to a vote. I'm amazed they could pass even that; apparently 25 Senators think Salmonella is worth protecting. I hope Jim DeMint gets to test that one out personally.

Murr Brewster said...

Not that long ago, there was nothing horrible that happened that I couldn't blame on either Republicans or menopause, or both.

Now I'm through menopause, though.

Ahab said...

Gah! What frustrating house guests and would-be guests!

I hope your funk lifts and your energy returns soon. Feeling exhausted is never fun.