Tuesday, August 31, 2010

#400 To End a Month of Birthdays

True Blue Texan made her 500th post yesterday. You should go read it, because it was sad and angry and inspirational all at once. I feel her pain. A lot of the reason I disappeared from this 'blog for so long was due to an overwhelming apathy about what was going on in this great country of ours. It is difficult to maintain the drive to post constantly and the desire to DO something when it seems that no one else is doing anything.

But I am back and this is my 400th post. My plan is to be here, but maybe not every single day. My plan is to continue to check out the 'blogs of others, but maybe not constantly. My plan is to continue to work toward a better future for the generations to come.

On another note, today is my step-daughter's 27th birthday and we will be attending her wedding on Saturday. I am looking forward to seeing my In-laws, but I have had a strained relationship with this girl since the first part of the year and with her brother for several years, so I am a little tense about it. His birthday was last week and I chose to not attend lunch with him and DSD.

DSD's birthday was yesterday. If the rain ever stops I am going to make him burn some sort of flesh on that new grill I got him. If it doesn't stop, I am going to put that new grill on the ark I am going to have to build.

DSD's LittleMan turned 16 earlier this month, just 3 days after my father-in-law turned 70 and the day before my niece turned 13.

August is a crazy month in the LeftLeaning household. I hope yours has been great.


fallenmonk said...

Happy 400th. I'll keep checking in here not to worry. All those birthdays in one month must hit the pocketbook kinda hard. I feel the same way about what is going on and once I get all my garden projects out of the way and it turns a bit cooler I'll be posting a bit more I'm sure.

Nance said...

I have two weapons, my vote and my (virtual) pen; I'm wielding both until they take them away from me. Let 'em try.

I know it's hard to keep on keeping on, but I hope to see you here and in our comments section often. Heck, we just found you!

I think of blogging as political compost: it may look like it falls on the dunghill of real power, but it provides the nutrients for newly energized spokesfolks.

Loulou (Nance) and all the gals at Hen's Teeth.