Wednesday, February 25, 2009

An Impressive Speech, An Impressive Man and a little snarkiness

Wow, how great was it to sit on your couch and watch our new President and not cringe, or be humiliated at his inability to speak the English language or stand up straight? President Obama's eloquence and delivery were amazing. His ability to say what needed to be said, with no down home speech patterns, slam the last administration and still tell us "we will recover" was an extraordinary thing. I don't know if he (we) will be able to accomplish everything he wants to (we need to) over the next four years, but it was so nice to know that we are on the same page and that he is attempting to lead this country out of this hell hole we find ourselves in.

And for all of the Republican crazies out there, I distinctly heard the man say that MY taxes are going down. I heard him say that 95% of Americans will pay lower taxes. I recall that he repeated (again) that anyone who makes less than $250,000 a year will have lower taxes. So, if you don't fall in that 95%, STFU. And if you do and you just want to bitch because you feel it is necessary as a card carrying reThug, STFU.

And, just for the record, I gave your stupid guy, who was not even legally elected, my support for almost 2 freaking years. You know why? Because we were in a crisis. First, over the election that Dubya paid his brother to fix for him and, then, because our nation was attacked. And he was the one sitting in the Oval Office, the one who had sworn to uphold and defend our Constitution. So I supported him, publicly and privately. Until he decided that an immoral war over WMDs which weren't there was a good idea. So, how about you let my President try to clean up the mess your dipshit got us into and STFU.

Nice to get that off my chest.

Now, I don't want to be really bitchy here, BUT why exactly did Nancy Pelosi wear her housecoat to be addressed by Congress? I know it is probably colder in D.C. than it is here, but a lovely sweater would have been much appropriate, don't you think? And if that was the some sort of fashionable outfit, I'm glad I'm fashionably retarded.

I thought Michelle looked beautiful. She is such a great example for women everywhere with her poise and confidence. She just looks like someone who is comfortable in her own skin.
But I thought she needed a better bra with the dress she was wearing. Come on, Michelle, give the girls some support!


D said...

I didn't post about President Obama because knowing how well he did, I figured someone else would write about him. (thanks.) I had to go after Gov. Jindal.... that boy's a nut.

Oh, and I noticed the Pelosi housecoat as well. It was very distracting!

Shel said...

It was definitely a good speech.

I totally agree with your comment about what Nancy Pelosi was wearing. A single-breasted jacket would have been much more flattering and appealing.

As for the First Lady, I didn't notice the bra issue, sorry. I just wish I had arms like hers.

Anonymous said...

I am with you, finally a leader that is not afraid to lead, to make decisions and to listen to the people and put their views if not first at least in front of his own interests. With a first lady that is as intelligent and straight forward as he is. WOW what a concept, a Whitehouse that at least we can have some pride in.


LeftLeaningLady said...

Shel, the entire female population over the age of 30 wishes they had arms like hers!

Smokey, thanks for stopping by.

D, I tried to watch Jindal on your site, I made it about 2 minutes, maybe. YOu are a better person than I.