Thursday, June 19, 2008

Rambling on a Thursday

I had my ultrasound yesterday. Hopefully I will get some information tomorrow or Monday. The entire thing was something of a nightmare and I am considering getting a second opinion before making any decisions. I am not really sure that I am happy with this Gyn office.


I did email all of my Federal congressmen and Charlie Crist. Plus I called my Florida senator and representative. Should I call every day? Do you think that would help? Hurt? Maybe I should have my son call also, because his last name is different from mine. If you live in FL, AL, MS, LA or TX, you may want to think about contacting your representation.


Iam going out of town tomorrow. Once they get your information at the Casinos, they send you sweet deals. I couldn't turn it down, so DSD are going back for this:

Isle of Capri, Biloxi

I'm not planning on winning, but it is a nice, inexpensive, getaway. And winning wouldn't hurt.


Have a great weekend.


Pete Bogs said...

sorry things haven't been good for you...

Crist flip-flopped on the oil thing, but the truth is it'd be years before we'd see any oil from the gulf, and then it wouldn't be enough to sustain ourselves... some of the politicos' powerful friends on the oil industry are seeing a chance to benefit themselves with our current misery, though we would not benefit much... transparent opportunism... I say NO!

take care of yourself...

Shel said...

Definitely have your son call--it will help make him an engaged citizen (something we need more of in this country).

As for your medical stuff, if you're not comfortable with the office, get a second opinion.

Have fun on your trip!

andante said...

I'd always opt for the non-surgical procedure if it is in any way possible and consider surgery the last resort.

Not that I don't trust surgery, but it is ALWAYS a trauma to the body.

Very best of luck on it - let us know the results & options.