Saturday, June 21, 2008

Live from Biloxi

Well it has been a wild trip so far. Less than 2 hours from home yesterday a co-worker called to see if my house was ok. From what he heard on the news, a house on my street was burning so badly authorities had closed the highway several blocks away.

I called BabyBoy in a panic, but he (and the house) were fine. He went outside and said that the house was 4 or 5 away and the firemen weren't even spraying anymore from what he could see.

No problem. We continued west.

Thirty minutes later the same co-worker called to say that he had misunderstood a HUGE brushfire had started NEAR a house on my street and the firemen were there to protect the houses. I almost hyperventilated and told DSD to 'Turn the car around NOW!' Not easy to do on I-10. He called his best friend who works close by; I called BabyBoy and told him to go talk to the firemen and we pulled over at the next exit.

And waited.

I don't wait well, so got I impatient and called the police department at home. (I live maybe a mile from headquarters). Yes, they said, there was a brush fire. No, it was not threatening my street. It was not under control, but it was being pushed north AWAY from my street.

We headed west again and received the same report from BabyBoy and DSD's bff. The first thing I did after checking in was check the news reports. Everything is fine. The 40 burning acres that my co-worker reported was actually 11 and the fires were under control.

So I registered for the Slot Tourney & we headed to the casino. I didn't do as well as I did last time and went through my alloted money during the evening. DSD played for about 4 hours on $20. So we didn't lose too too much.

This morning I reported for my first round in the tournament at 0945 for my 1000 play time. This is not something that takes skill. A person sits in front of a slot machine pushing the button over and over and over as fast as he can for 5 minutes. It is all the luck of the machine.

But guess who kicked ass? From looking at what the others around me got and listening to others in the casino and in the line for the lunch buffet, I honestly have a chance to win this thing!!

The people on either side of my had about 2400 & 1800 points, respectively. The lady I overheard in the line said she had about 2200, but there were people playing with her who had about 4000. I finished round 1 with 5,250 points!!! Wow. THREE SIZZLING SEVENS in less than 5 minutes.

So it has been fun (barring the stress about the fire yesterday!). Cross your fingers, I would just like enough to pay for the weekend; I would be thrilled with a couple of hundred dollars.

Gotta go report for Round 2.

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