Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Number 500!!!!

After over 6 years, 2 degrees, and many unexplained absences, this is 'blog post #500. Wow.

I have a lot to say about the state of this country, but I am just so sad at this momeny. People are so incredibly dumb. Women who vote against the rights of their sisters. Men who are nasty about a President because he is in a different political party as they are... or has a different skin color.

According to sources Romney's last three commercials are total lies, but only Ms. Maddow's blog has the ability to point that out?  Several friends of mine got into a long discussion (yes, I mean fight) over this "news" on Facebook last night that the Obama campaign took in less than it spent in June. That is technically correct, but it made it sound like the campaign is in debt which is nowhere even close to the truth. And only read the comments if you have a strong stomach.

Akin (Missouri - legitimate rape)... I am not going there. I truly hope he stays in the race and gets clobbered.

There is no reason in this country at the moment. There is no intellectual curiousity. There is only hate and vitriol. Has it always been this way and I was so naive I missed it?

Is there any possibility that we can move toward the middle and become one country again? Do we want that? Can we forgive and move on? Should we even try to forget?

I feel that the future is bleak. Less so if President Obama is re-elected, but eventually another Republican will move into the White House and then what? A depression? An uprising? (That of course is IF there is not an attempt by the Virginia Republicans to start an armed rebellion if the President IS re-elected.)

Race. Equality. Rights. Has it all be for nothing? Are we doomed? Is this country doomed? It isn't 1776 anymore. If we go down, will anyone survive? Or am I being overdramatic? 

So I am sad. And a little scared.

But I truly hope that I am around for another 500 posts... at least.


Steven said...

True; the Republican Party has been hijacked by the mentally unstable. It used to be a moderate Party and one that could be reasoned with. The Democratic Party, on the other hand has become far too moderate for my taste and that's why I left it.
Also true; the rigid rightwing cannot stand the thought of a black man occupying the White House. (how can he be black when he is half white? And who cares?) They are bigots despite their claims that 'some of my best friends are black'. Baloney! These people don't have best friends. They view everyone with suspicion.
Far too true; the lies are the worst I have ever seen. I don't know how Romney can lie like that with. He doesn't use weasel words like 'could' or 'might' to use when he needs to backtrack. He simply lies. Flat out.
Hopefully true; The tropical storm/hurricane will come ashore and descend upon the Republican Convention next week. Here's hoping!

TinCanMan said...

Unfortunatley, I think Stupid is the new standard for Intelligent within this crop of Republicans and any compassion that may have existed has been replaced by hatred.