Thursday, August 16, 2012

Hey Mitt(ens)! Did Anyone Try to Kill Your Daddy?

In January of 2003 (roughly) I arrived at work, checked my email, and then opened my internet browser. This was some time before my Facebook obsession and before I had ever heard of a 'blog, so my home page was CNN. CNN opened and the headline read, "He Tried to Kill My Daddy." I scanned the story and went to work and when I opened the browser again sometime later, the headline had changed.

I spoke to a friend on the west coast and told her about it. She swore I was nuts. I did a search (was I googling yet? Or still playing with Yahoo?) and I found... nothing. I searched CNN. Nothing.* And not long after the U.S. made a preemptive strike on Iraq where eventually Saddam Hussein was found and hung.

President George Herbert Walker Bush (aka Daddy Bush) was President at the time of the Iraqi invasion of Kuwait and after a 100 hour ground war, he came out of Desert Storm looking pretty good. High approval ratings. Lots of "Star Spangled Banner" singing. "HOO YAH AMERICA" ok, ok, and Russia, and Germany, and Great Britain... :-)

But much of America was not pleased by the fact that Daddy Bush didn't tell the coalition to go "Fox" itself (thanks to Jon Stewart that is my new swear word!) and just go right in and do a little Dirty Harry on Hussein. I mean, why not let Stormin' Norman just STORM on in there, right?

Why not indeed!

It was, of course, a UN mission, a UN coalition, and there were strict rules about the joint effort that included ONLY getting Iraq out of Kuwait, not Hussein out of Iraq. It was over! We won! Parades! Anthems! Let's not ever speak of Vietnam again....

But 12 years later, W is at the helm. And what does he have? He is a bit of an idiot. He's not as loved as his Daddy. He's not a war hero. He's not very bright, comparatively! So he goes on TV and announces that Saddam Hussein tried to kill his dad. And he works out a way to snow the American public into believing that Hussein is waiting around every corner wanting to blow up the town where YOU live! (You know, like he did the Twin Towers!)

Some fell for it. I can get sworn testimony from my husband that I DID NOT!! We invaded a sovereign nation on little or no intel, killed and wounded who knows how many, shoved the debt into the stratosphere and for what?

So W could prove that his pee-pee was bigger than his father's!

Mr. Charleston asked in the comments for the last post why Mitt Romney would want a job that is actual WORK, that only paid $400,000 a year and a lightbulb went off over my head.

Because his father was never elected President.

So maybe just being elected would get the monkey off of his back and he could go on to NOT attempt to kill off a generation of our young men? Or maybe we could all face nuclear annihilation if Daddy Romney was ever insulted by someone of Asian descent?

Either way. I don't need another crazy ass, something to prove cowboy in the White House! Let's stick with the team we've got!!

*I googled 'he tried to kill my daddy' and there are YouTube videos of W babbling BS. I am not linking to them though. Just the thought makes me feel slimy!


Mr. Charleston said...

You are 100% correct about the "He tried to kill my daddy" headline. I saw it too. But you didn't have to see it to know his motives for invading Iraq. The draft-dodging son of a bitch cost us thousands of young men's lives, tens of thousands of Iraqi lives, and a trillion borrowed dollars.

But I'm intrigued by your idea of did anyone try to kill daddy Romney. Damn! Maybe we should make something up. You know, someone whom we would all be glad to see leave this planet. Maybe... Donald Trump or the Noot.

LeftLeaningLady said...

Ahhhhh! The list is so incredibly long though, I would not know where to start!

Mr. Charleston said...

Not to worry, these right wingers have plenty of bullets.