Monday, October 20, 2008

It's Our Anniversary!*** Updated to add picture - Custom comment codes for MySpace, Hi5, Friendster and more

Isn't it amazing that DSD and I have been married for a year already? It seems like last week that I was freaking out about the weather, the booze, the food, and the insanity. The only thing I never freaked about was that I knew that marrying him was the best, smartest thing I had ever done. Well, once I got to the point that I could say, "We are getting married." For the first six months of our engagement I kept telling people, "We are having a wedding."

We have been through a lot since we started living together in the summer of 2001. We both brought baggage to our relationship, 3 exes, 4 kids, the various trust issues. My ex never figured out how to parent, or even be a partner in a relationship. He was caught up in the 'Southern Sheriff Syndrome' and their infallibility. DSD's last ex managed to get them so far in debt he was struggling to make ends meet AND she cheated on him. But we've managed to move past all that. Three of the kids are grown now; two of them are out on their own. And we keep the dealings with the exes to a minimum at all times.

We were never planning to marry. We figured (for years) that we were married in our hearts and we didn't need a silly little piece of paper. But we got older and realized that marriage does have plenty of legal benefits (which is why homosexual couples should be allowed to marry) and we starting thinking it wouldn't be sooo bad. And I promised him I didn't need a huge church wedding with 14 bridesmaids and doves loosened to poop on the crowd. So he proposed (with a giant rock) on 24 Sept 2006 (if just ONE person asked, I would tell you the whole story. It's pretty funny) and we got married on 20 Oct 2007. And I wouldn't change a thing about our lives. He is definitely the best thing that ever happened to me.

Happy Anniversary, baby, I love you more each day.


Mariecel said...

Firstly, congrats on your anniversary =)
I also found a good post that might answer some questions you may have on Canadian health care:

Were you able to ask your doctor friends about the oath?

Shel said...

Congratulations! And I would love to hear the story of your proposal...if you want to share!

Pete Bogs said...

I remember this time last year... it was the first time you posted a picture of yourself!

congrats to you both...

Carl (aka Sofarsogoo) said...

I wish you many more such joyful anniversaries in the future.

Mariecel said...

Lovely picture! And I would love to hear your story!

Thanks for the info. re: doctors. You don't need to ask the other two.

PS - You're tagged!: