Friday, May 2, 2008

My (Really BAD) Salute to Dr. Suess*

Oh, My! look at the Spot
Which Americans are in
All thanks to that twat.

First there was that ridiculous G.W.o.T.
Where we claimed moral high ground
Of which we have NOT.

Then there was the wireless spy
Which broke the Constitution
And made some of us cry.

And the torture of which we were told
The high ranking claimed ignorance
The low ranking did fold

Now prices have reached the sky
Of food and fuel
This will cause more to die

America the Beautiful
Home of the brave
Land of the free
As long as you are a rich, white, SUV driving, straight, Christian man
Or God won't shed His Grace on thee.

*Maybe I should keep my day job and not depend on my poetry to eat.


Steve Bates said...

I won't support Dub in a verse;
I won't support him in a hearse.
I can't despise him any worse;
I can't do more than curse and curse.

I don't like Dub one single bit;
I do not like him more than spit.
I think he is a nasty twit;
I think as prez, he is the pit.

- SB the YDD

There's more to be said, but that's about the longest I can keep up a Seuss imitation. :)

andante said...

LOL to both of you!

I can't believe YDD rattled off a Dubya Doggerel without using the word sh*t.


fallenmonk said...

A good effort lady and don't let Steve intimidate you. Any effort to ridicule shrub is a worthwhile effort.
And I agree Andante he must be slipping or else Stella has been on his case for his gutter language.

Anonymous said...

why hate the right
for this terrible plight
when the economy runs in 8 year swings?

cause we are seeing now
the results of how
the clintons were complete ding-a-lings.

it's not Dub's fault
that we're at a halt
cause he's cleaning the mess that was LEFT

from a group that led
by getting intern head
and creating a world with a cleft.

LeftLeaningLady said...

A great effort all around! Although I disagree with anon's poem, it did rhyme beautifully.

Thank you, Steve for showing me up on my own blog. :-)