Monday, April 28, 2008

We All Know Tebow Rocks!

And he seems to be the kind of kid we all want ours to grow up to be.

Well spoken
And, goodlooking doesn't hurt!

My problem with this article, then, actually has nothing to do with Tim Tebow. My problem is two-fold.

#1. Don't the Florida legislators have anything better to do?

#2. Why don't we brag a little more about how lousy our public school system is?
The Senate awarded him the Medallion of Excellence for his achievements off the
field, the highest honor given by the chamber.
He was also honored with a resolution in the House and threw several passes to Speaker Marco Rubio, R-West Miami.
Tebow, who was home-schooled for 12 years before college, has a 3.77
grade point average at Florida. He spent his spring break visiting orphans and
sick children in the Philippines, where his parents are missionaries.
"There are a lot of role models in football, but there are not a lot of good ones,"
Tebow said. "People might not think they're a role model, but there are always
people watching."
"We are a nation in need of character and in need of doing the right thing," the 20-year-old athlete told state senators while several young fans wearing Gators colors waved from the gallery.

He speaks the truth, but I am uncomfortable with the fact that people treat him like a god. He is still a 20 year old junior in college. Not the Second Coming.

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